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Seelenfrieden © SFSportsLine "Kontra" Sneakers

Seelenfrieden © SFSportsLine "Kontra" Sneakers

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Seelenfrieden © SFSportsLine "Kontra" Sneakers—an embodiment of style and comfort for those seeking peak performance. Elevate your track experience with these mesh sneakers designed exclusively for men. Available with striking black or white detailing, these sports shoes not only make a statement but also prioritize your comfort with a supremely cozy memory foam sole.

The memory foam insoles are not just comfortable; they adapt to your feet's unique contours over time, providing enhanced comfort with each wear. The sole, crafted with TPU and EVA materials, guarantees shock absorption and high breathability, making these sneakers ideal for various sports activities.

Made with 100% mesh-knit polyester nylon, the upper ensures a lightweight and breathable feel, allowing your feet to stay cool even during intense workouts. The lace-up closure provides a secure fit, while the option to choose between black or white detailing allows you to personalize your style.

Distinctive in design, the black sole color variant features matching black stitching, while the white sole color variant boasts crisp w

hite stitching for added visual appeal. Embrace the fusion of style and functionality with Seelenfrieden's "Kontra" Sneakers.

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